There was a time when taking out the trash was just that. Out the door, into the garbage can and wait for the truck to haul everything away.
Today, dealing with the trash is a community affair, say Rick Vahl and Taylor Grimes of Waste Connections El Dorado Disposal.  Vahl is the general manager and Grimes is the sustainability coordinator of the company. "We consider ourselves part of the community, and relationships are very important," Vahl explained to Rotary club members last meeting, noting increased efforts to reach out the the communities served through education programs.
Sustainability, says Grimes, means balancing demands for things such as food, water space, energy, and fuel by replacing, renewing or reinventing how we conserve. She noted that California state law now requires a  75 percent statewide reduction of garbage going to landfills by 2020. One idea, she said, is the use of compost bags (not plastic) for green waste.  
Local recycling efforts by El Dorado Disposal also include community cleanup days, tire amnesty days and unlimited acceptance of green waste. Further recycling ideas can be found at the company's website,