This Week

Meeting Date and Place
Our next meeting will be at 5:30 PM on Thursday, June 22nd, at the Cameron Park CSD

Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom by Dick Franks; the Greeter will be Anne Eckert; and Bill Ettlich will be at the front desk.

Our program will be the Debunking of current President Ben Young.

Last Week

Thursday’s program was presented by Karri Eggars, Vice President of Project Management office at Dignity Health. She also serves on the Missions Commission at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church where they support missions in over 26 countries. Karri will be going to Brazil in August and a team left this past Saturday for Mexico.

Three years ago, Karri started a mission in South Central Los Angeles and the program has been growing. This year she will begin one in Richmond California.

Karri recently began an unofficial mission called Mission 916. Simply put, its organizing a group of church volunteers that want to support things in the neighborhood. It was designed to be a continuous outreach in the local community and anyone can help. This mission supports St. Johns School, Northridge Elementary and recently became involved with the Grace Network.

Karri used the Northridge Elementary school as an example of the need in the community. The school is just down the road from the church. They have 22% English learners. Only 4% by the end of the school year are reclassified as English proficient. 79% of the school children are eligible for the free lunch program. To qualify for the free lunch program the income must be under $15,171. Compare that to the poverty level for a family of two at $18,670 and for four at $23,290. 72.4% of the students receive free lunch. To qualify for reduced lunch the income must be below $21,590. 6.2% of the students receive reduced lunches and that’s at just one elementary school in Fair Oaks. One other statistic that Karri shared with us: 58.7% of children in California is below the poverty level.

In an effort to become involved with the school she just walked up to the principle and introduced herself. She wanted to know if there was any way they could help. The principle said that they could not handout any literature, cannot preach etc. Karri said she wouldn’t. When Karri and her husband were allowed to attend back-to-school night, they served nachos and it wasn’t long before the PTA was asking for their help for other events.

One of the biggest needs they discovered was Hope. If their mission could address this one topic they would be successful. Some of the unusual ways Karri was able to get the word out was through: Walk-n-Knocks, Meet Mike and Sara, and you never know what will happen at a garage sale. These programs were introduced in an effort to reach the community.

Karri concluded her presentation by relaying a story about the White House restaurant located in Anaheim CA. The owner discovered numerous children were not eating regular meals in local low-income hotels. He began by making spaghetti for them each evening. Today he is feeding over 1200 children five nights a week.

Submitted by Scott McNeil

Words of Wisdom were by Dave Sargent

Presidents Corner

Bill Gallant – Mike Neal’s health is improving and Mike plans to rejoin Rotary soon. The forms were removed from the Solar Project slab. The docents are now in charge of completing the Solar Project. The next observatory project is to add seating at the Sky Theater. More than 79,000 people have visited the observatory since its inception.
Bill Hughes – The debunking of Pres. Ben will be Thursday, 6-22 at the CP Community Center starting at 5:30 PM.
Vickie Christensen McLain – The debunking committee will meet immediately after today’s Club meeting.
Dick Franks – Final results of W@TC are not yet available but the auction generated twice the revenue of last year’s event.

Guests and Visitors:

Justin Klein, a guest of Darian Eldredge

Jody Huber, a Pondersoa HS graduate and one of our scholarship recipients who is now going to Kansas in Education.

The Four Way Test of all the things we think, say or do:
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned

Noted Rotarians
At the Rotary Club of Cameron Park Community Observatory.
The foundation of the Solar Imaging Station was recently poured and the form removed.

Happy (or Not) Bucks:

Art Cort – $16 to the Rasmussen Foundation for Helen’s birthday.

Dick Franks – $10 for publishing the wrong location for today’s meeting and $15 for their 51st wedding anniversary.

Jim Webb – $25 for their granddaughter who graduated from
Stuttgart high school and will enroll in Boston University this Fall.

Gary Gall – $50 to the Rasmussen Foundation for a 3 week vacation in Europe, including D Day at Normandy.

Vickie Christensen McLain – $5 for her birthday.

Darian Eldridge – $5 for completing his studies to get his real estate license.

Birthdays in June
Rachel Amador
Vickie Christensen-McLain
Roger Hassler
Chuck LePere
Verne Sanders
Helen Cort
Dian Hansen

Anniversaries in June
Bob & Joanne Clarke
Dick & Sharon Franks
Rube & Dee Jessop
Steve & Judy Long
Debra & Luke Miller
Anne & George Schultz Eckert
Mark & Janis Scott
David & Suzanne Tavernetti
Terry & Heidi Wilson

Upcoming Calendar
June 22, 2017 – Debunking Outgoing President Ben Young 5:30 pm at Cameron Park Community Center
June 29, 2017 – Garry Miller, County Planning Commissioner. It is Prez Scott McNeil's first meeting.

Upcoming Words of Wisdom/Greeter Assignments

The Last Word

June 22, 2017 - Debunk outgoing President Ben Young: 5:30 pm at the Cameron Park Community Center

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