Our speaker was Gordon Dolfie, Chief Docent of the Community Observatory, who had a career at Intel and has donated over 589 hours of time at the Observatory.  For those who want to see a replay of Gordon's very interesting talk, please follow the link to the Gordon Dolfie Presentation, and scroll the progress bar at the bottom to the 5:30 point.  His talk led us through the 2019/2020 highlights, Visitor statistics, and 2021 plans.  The highlight and lowlight from 2020 was that the Comet NEOWISE was clearly viewable in the Northern Hemisphere, but the observatory was not open due to the COVD-19 shut-down.  One thing I learned was that the observatory has telescopes fit for viewing the sun and various solar astronomy events. 

Gordon gave a lot of kudos and compliments to our club for all our work through the years to build various of the Community Observatory's facilities.  In particular there were a lot of pictures of the most recent project we did there, the expansion of the Art Cort Sky Theatre, and the memorial bench for Chuck LePere.  It was a fascinating presentation, that demonstrated what an impact we have made on the community with our volunteer work on the Observatory over the years.