Brian James Planning and Marketing Manager with El Dorado County Transit Authority (El Dorado Transit) talked about the history, current operations and plans for his agency.  The service was established jointly by El Dorado County and the City of Placerville in 1975 to service locals, primarily those with disabilities and seniors in the Placerville area. In 1980 regular bus service was started for the western slope of the County. Commuter service to and from western El Dorado County and Sacramento was started in 1988. The Transit Service became a separate agency in January 1994. The Agency currently transports approximately 400,000 passengers each year. All operations, including most maintenance, are handled in-house. Brian showed a slide photo of their facility complex located in Diamond Springs. Their services include daily fixed local routes which have hourly schedules, the Highway 50 Express route between Placerville and Folsom, 11 daily commuter routes between the western slope and Sacramento, and demand response vehicles to transport disabled and senior passengers. Demand response services include “Dial-A-Ride” and Sac-Med Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. All Transit vehicles are wheel chair accessible. The El Dorado Hills local route will be discontinued shortly due to lack of ridership. They are currently developing updated plans for local and commuter routes.