Corinne Kinstler leads the LAST Ministry whose mission is to provide safe, sober, affordable housing for women desiring to stop the addiction of drugs, alcohol, food, and other coping devices that steal the freedom available to every person.  The Ministry offers practical tools for real and permanent change. The primary domain for this Ministry is the Folsom Women's Prison.  Women from the California prison system who have 5 years or less remaining in their prison term are brought to this facility, and the LAST Ministry attempts to make their return to the word at-large a successful one. 
Opportunities such as the ability to lease a building in Orangevale and to teach the bible to the women in the Folsom Women's Facility several times per week, provided Corinne the incentive to get started in building these ministries.  She and her team provides four days a week of Bible Studies  (Prison Fellowship at Folsom Women's Prison) and life skills training at the Prison and through the provision of safe, sober and affordable transition housing (Home at LAST, in Lincoln).   The success of these programs is evidenced by the less than a 10% rate of recidivism (return to  life of crime) rate for the program's graduates than the typical 60-75% recidivism rates for ex-cons in general.  The LAST Ministry's Women's Boutique offers return-to-work job training, it helps fund Home at LAST and 100% of the proceeds go back into the community.  Participants and workers in the LAST Ministry also minister to the elderly by visiting convalescent hospitals in Roseville, Carmicheal, and Fair Oaks to sing to and converse with the residents in those facilities.
There are four ways to help these ministries: Pray, Donate, Shop and Volunteer.  For more information, click here .