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Club News
Suzanne Kingsbury, who was elected Judge of the EDC Superior Court in 1996, will talk about current issues facing our local Courts, including COVID-19.  She previously practiced civil law in Sacramento County before moving to South Lake Tahoe in 1985, where she became employed as a deputy district attorney and then worked as a deputy public defender.
Judge Kingsbury is the first woman to serve in the position of Superior Court judge in the county’s history, as well as being its first female presiding judge.  A position she has held continuously since 1999, she may also be the longest continuously serving presiding judge in the history of California.  She sits in Department 3 of the Superior Court in South Lake Tahoe, and presides over civil, criminal, juvenile, family, appellate and probate matters.  This month she begins her 5th 6-year term on the bench.
Judge Kingsbury has been instrumental in the creation and expansion of innovative programs in El Dorado County.  Through her efforts, a variety of services have been made available to self-represented litigants to provide them with the information that they need to successfully navigate the court system.  She was part of the team that obtained approval for the funding and construction of the El Dorado County Juvenile Hall in South Lake Tahoe.  She expanded the civil alternative dispute resolution program to include full services in South Lake Tahoe, which provides litigants with a no cost means to resolve their cases without going to trial. 
On Thursday, October 29th , Cameron Park Rotary donated a pallet, including 221 pairs of pants, to Green Valley Community Church to be distributed to homeless people. The clothes were divided among the programs for the homeless of Green Valley Community Church, Job’s Shelter of the Sierra, Project Room Key and Federated Church including the Nomadic Shelter. These groups provide clothing to the homeless and very needy. Within Cameron Park Rotary, this project was initiated by Joe Ryan who was also our contact with a major supplier, managed by Dick Franks, and the clothing was delivered by Steve Long and Richard Grieco.

  El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson, who has been a prosecutor for 28 years, spoke to us about DNA evidence in the criminal justice system.  DNA evidence is a powerful tool for convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent. 

Vern spoke of his education at the Naval Postgraduate School where he wrote a thesis on radicalization to the point of violence to help him attain his masters degree in National Security with a specialty in Homeland Security.  This training helped him analyze some of the  violence against the nation's capitol building in recent days.  He also spoke about how the online world, especially social media tends to harden and make more extreme our opinions which can be based on fake news, and doesn't later change when confronted with facts.

Vern showed a video on "Genetic Genealogy: The True Science in Identification" (starts at the 16:40 point of the FaceBook video link below) which was a very well-produced tutorial on the science behind DNA evidence and identification of suspects.  Genetic Genealogy is the combination of conventional genealogy to research a person's family tree with the genetic information that people donate to various commercial databases, such as 23andme and Ancestry.com.  However, law enforcement may not access these databases to solve crime.  But if people go further and donate their genetic data to GED Match, then their DNA can be used by law enforcement to generate family trees related to a suspect.  Once the place of a suspect's DNA in a family tree with actual names in it is generated, then traditional forensic techniques are used to identify the suspect.   

Genetic Genealogy is the biggest change in forensic science since the development of fingerprinting and regular DNA matching.  By the end of 2018, about 60 cold cases had been solved with this technique in the US, and about 10% of those cases were solved in tiny El Dorado County.  In recent local news, this new technique was used to exonerate Ricky Davis after he had spent 14 years in prison for the murder of a lady alone in her home in El Dorado Hills.  Ricky Davis has been released from prison, and another suspect is under prosecution, Michael Green, with the benefit of genetic genealogy evidence against him.

Dave Sargent:  What kind of education is recommended for an investigator in the DA's office?  Vern: Most are first deputy or police detectives.  Occasionally, a different route such as an IT education and career.
Mike Dugan:  How big is the DA's Office in EDC?  Vern: About 60 employees including 25 lawyers and 17 full-time investigators.
Jim Buckley:  How much of your energy goes into SLT vs. the Western Slope?  Vern: In 2006-7, when I started as DA, a significant amount of our resources were focused on South Lake Tahoe, especially around New Years.  In recent years, a larger family focus to tourism in the Tahoe region and of course COVID has reduced the number of arrests in SLT significantly.

There were other questions and other interesting facts and stories from our speaker and DA, Vern Pierson.  To review the video of the program, go to this Facebook Link where the talk starts at the 1:10 point.



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