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Next Meeting: March 28, 2019:  Annual Student Music Contest
Students from Ponderosa High School will compete for prizes in our Annual Student Music Contest.
Last Meeting, Mar-21, 2019—Margaret Mohr and Monique Scobey
As board members of the Cameron Park Community Services District (CSD), Margaret Mohr (left) and Monique Scobey (right) gave us an update on the activities and plans of the CSD.  Margaret is the president of the board and Monique is the VP.  Addressing the CSD's current operating deficit is the number one priority for the board. One big contributor to the deficit is that due to wildfire concerns, the fire service contract becomes more expensive each year. Thus, they are looking for ways to raise revenues without raising taxes. 
Reducing expenses is another way to address the deficit.  The CSD has a $60K per month power bill, and several parcels of land where a solar array might be installed. Hence, a solar project is under consideration.  The CSD's Summer Spectacular, which includes a large fireworks display, is a big money loser.  They are going to ask for community support for buying tickets and attending the event instead of viewing the fireworks from afar.
Monique has proposed to improve signs in the CSD's parks.  The cost for five new signs, costing $3,100 each, would be $15,500.  The CSD would be happy if groups like CP Rotary would contribute to the cost.  We asked if our club's logo could be on the sign, and Monique thought that was a very reasonable request.  The CSD is also implementing outreach and education programs for CC&R's. There are 86 CC&R divisions within Cameron Park.  The text of all the CC&R's will soon be available on the CSD's web site, together with a map so you could identify in which CC&R district your home resides.
Mar 28, 2019
Apr 04, 2019
Apr 11, 2019
The Rotary Club of Cameron Park Community Observatory with CASA lunches
Apr 18, 2019
El Dorado County Chief Administrative Officer
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Upcoming Events
CP Rotary Board Meeting
Dave Crofut's Office
Apr 02, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
CP Rotary Board Meeting
Dave Crofut's Office
May 07, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
CP Rotary Community Foundation Board Meeting
Verne Sander's office
May 14, 2019
10:00 AM – 11:30 PM
CP Rotary Board Meeting
Dave Crofut's Office
Jun 04, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Mike Dugan - The 6th annual Cameron Park Community Showcase will be held on April 10, at 5:00-7:00 at the CP Community Center. Lots of food, entertainment, etc.
Steve Long - Tuesday, 3-26, is the next bicycle hauling day. Members with trucks/trailers should be at the El Dorado County dump at 10:20 AM.
Tiffany Fagundes - Rotarian work day for Area 6 is Saturday, 4-27. All 4 clubs will work on the Camino trail.
     - Our 3-28 meeting will be the annual music contest. The annual speech contest will be at our 4-4 meeting.
Dave Crofut - Wine at Town Center will be on 6-15 this year. Volunteers appreciated.
Anne Eckert - Our 4-11 Club meeting will include CASA box lunches at the Observatory.
Bill Hughes- There will be a Cameron Park community clean-up day on Saturday, 4-6.  Volunteers appreciated.
Guests & Visitors.
Happy (or Not) Bucks
Dave Sargent - $5 sad bucks because the Oakland A's lost 2 games in a row.
Sean Cox - $32 because he has been called to be on the Bishop's staff in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Bob Clarke - $100 for their son's (Rick) and daughter's (Debbie) birthdays.
Mike Dugan - $113 to the RI Foundation for Rotary's initiative regarding climate change.
Dick Franks - $5 for requesting that anyone who didn't get their statement the first part of March to let Dick know, as he might have a mistake in their email address.
Roger Hassler - $5 because Mike Trout signed a multi-year contract extension with the Angels baseball team.
Bob Dorr - $5 sad bucks because of all the rain which was washed several golf games.
Tom Elken - $5 because North Dakota State University won their "First Four" game in the NCAA basketball tournament.
Dave Crofut - $5 for admiring Don Mai's Rotary shirt (available in Uganda).
Tiffany Fagundes, Jana Ellerman, Bill Gallant, Ulla Petersen, Tom Elken, Dave Sargent, and Sean Cox - $2 each for no Rotary pins.
Birthdays in March
Tiffany Fafundes
Dick Franks
Gary Gall
Joe Ryan
Jim Webb
Doug Xiques
None reported this month
Anniversaries in March
Sabrina and Alex Ho
Upcoming Words of Wisdom/Greeter/Front Desk Assignments
March 28, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by Tom Elken; the Greeter will be Greg Wood; and Ulla Petersen will be at the front desk
April 4, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by Dick Franks; the Greeter will be Sean Cox; and Mike Dugan will be at the front desk
April 11, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by TBA; the Greeter will be Jim Webb; and TBA will be at the front desk
April 18, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by Mike Dugan; the Greeter will be TBA; and Bill Hughes will be at the front desk
April 25, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by TBA; the Greeter will be TBA; and TBA will be at the front desk
May 2, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by Dick Franks; the Greeter will be Dick Crofut; and TBA will be at the front desk
May 9, 2019 – Words of Wisdom by TBA; the Greeter will be Mike Dugan; and TBA will be at the front desk