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Reducing the toxic stress of family violence, substance abuse and mental health problems is the goal of an innovative El Dorado County effort to take critical services to families, meeting those in need where they live.
Details of the effort, called the Community Hubs, will be the topic at this week’s Rotary luncheon meeting for Kathleen Guerrero, executive director of the First Five El Dorado Children and Families Commission. The project is a partnership between First 5, EDC Libraries, EDC Office of Education, and EDC Health and Human Services Agency.
Local assessment data is used to determine effective strategies to address  disparity of income, language and access to services for children and families. Hubs leverage $11,023,595 over four years to provide prevention and early intervention services for expectant parents and families with children from birth through 18 years.  
Community Hubs assist families with the everyday challenges of raising children and connect them to community resources.  Each Hub has a multi-disciplinary team that includes an Early Childhood Literacy Specialist, Family Engagement Specialist, Community Health Advocate and Public Health Nurse . Each Hub offers activities focused on early literacy and reading, child development and parenting, and preventative health activities and services. These services are provided at no cost to the families.
Community Hubs are located in El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Georgetown, and South Lake Tahoe.
The First 5 El Dorado Commission was formed following the passage of California Proposition 10, a tobacco tax investing in strategies to support expectant parents and families.
Kathleen Guerrero has worked with First 5 El Dorado Commission for twelve years, the last six as the Executive Director. She has a Master’s Degree in Sociology from CSU Sacramento and over thirty years of experience with early childhood systems. 
There was a time when taking out the trash was just that. Out the door, into the garbage can and wait for the truck to haul everything away.
Today, dealing with the trash is a community affair, say Rick Vahl and Taylor Grimes of Waste Connections El Dorado Disposal.  Vahl is the general manager and Grimes is the sustainability coordinator of the company. "We consider ourselves part of the community, and relationships are very important," Vahl explained to Rotary club members last meeting, noting increased efforts to reach out the the communities served through education programs.
Sustainability, says Grimes, means balancing demands for things such as food, water space, energy, and fuel by replacing, renewing or reinventing how we conserve. She noted that California state law now requires a  75 percent statewide reduction of garbage going to landfills by 2020. One idea, she said, is the use of compost bags (not plastic) for green waste.  
Local recycling efforts by El Dorado Disposal also include community cleanup days, tire amnesty days and unlimited acceptance of green waste. Further recycling ideas can be found at the company's website, eldoradodisposal.com. 
Past President Bill Hughes and President Anne Eckert introduced the strategic planning exercise that he and President-Elect Tiffany Triveri designed for the members attending the meeting. Each table was given a topic on a Focus Sheet which included a set of questions and ideas to tickle our imaginations.  The topics on the Focus Sheets were: Club Membership, International Projects, Vocational, Club Service, Youth Service and Public Image.  After the 20 minutes of discussion at each table, a spokesperson for each table presented the ideas generated which were also recorded on the focus sheets.  Although the sheets were collected by Bill, some of the brainstorming ideas were:
  • Club Membership: Back to some Rotary history:  Go after managers or owners of businesses;
    Talk to prospects about service clubs and Rotary International (the elevator speech) as part of inviting him/her to a meeting; Continue to aim for more diversity of membership; and maintain a schedule of community events / meetings that the Ambassadors should attend.
  • International Projects: Should we take on a project this year, or use the year to research what to do for future years?
    Attend 1-2 project fairs; Develop a long-term relationship with a foreign city/region to serve as the basis for multiple projects; Identify 1-2 members with a real inclination and ability to take on or lead international projects.
  • Vocational:  Ideas a) high school career day participation, b) Creating a club roster with each member’s current or former vocation, and c) reviving the Salvation Army “ring the bell” project that Bill Gallant used to be involved with.
  • Youth Service:  This group decided to postpone their report until next week
  • Public Image:  Continue our ambassador program; Be sure to maintain the quality of our previous local projects such as the Shingle Springs soccer field and sign, the observatory and amphitheatre, Rasmussen Park, etc.; Be sure to have a big, public celebration in 2019 of the 50th anniversary of the Cameron Park Rotary Club.
  • Club Service:  Try to bump up attendance at the meetings, perhaps with a weekly message from the President, having some weekly meetings at members homes with the meal as a potluck; Hosting a cub scout pack (Vickie will research more about what that entails);  Restart an Interact club hosted by CPR.
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