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Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
I wanted to take this opportunity to express a few thoughts and observations from my year as President of your Club for 2017/2018.
I'm not sure about you, but this year has gone by very quickly – much faster than I had ever expected, and I am thinking most of you feel the same way. Of course, none of us knew how differently this year would turn out from the way it started. President Scott took over for Past President Ben in July, held his first board meeting with his new board and presided over a few weekly meetings before things changed in rapid fashion. We sincerely hope Scott and his family are doing well and have adjusted to their new lives in New Mexico.
When I first heard about the Board forming a search committee to find someone who could take over for Scott, truth be told, I almost raised my hand at that very meeting when the announcement was made. However, being the cautious (retired) banker as you know me to be, I decided to think about it privately, and also to discuss it with my husband and confident, George. Frankly, I had toyed with the idea of some day being President again, but I didn't envision such an event happening until many years into retirement, not 7 months into it (!) Thankfully, George was fully on board with the idea.

 Dwayne Beggs, one of the early pioneers of SNUBA International Inc., spoke to the Club about exploring the underwater world by snorkeling with their latest  product. SNUBA is the perfect cross between snorkeling and scuba diving.

The world-wide company, headquartered here in Shingle Springs, just off Durock Rd., has provided recreational surface equipment as well as partially submerged vessels since 1985 at resorts throughout the world. The idea originated in a ski shop in Soda Springs by Michael Stafford.  Michael had the idea to develop a “short ski” (an innovation that made it easier to learn to ski) for diving.   Already leaders in the water transportation industry, Michael contacted his brother Patrick, CEO of Sea Shuttle Systems. The rest is history. 
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