Rotary Club of Cameron Park Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1791 Cameron Park, CA 95682
"Our mission is to establish a permanent endowment fund for educational or training grants for local students from our community. The earnings of the fund are designed to go to students particularly interested in advancing in trade or career opportunities."
Objectives: The primary objectives and purposes of the endowment shall be to receive gifts and bequests, creating a permanent endowment fund, then to fund from the earnings, several grants to support the training for careers in our community which do not necessarily require a college education.

The Cameron Park Rotary Community Foundation is a Public Charity (IRC 501(c)(3)) that provides all members of the community, both Rotarians and non-Rotarians, the opportunity to donate funds for general community benefit projects or to designate those funds for a specific type of project. The Foundation, established in 1996, functions as the charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Cameron Park, under whose sponsorship it was formed.
Over the past twelve years the Foundation has been active in supporting numerous community projects undertaken by the Rotary Club of Cameron Park, as well as providing scholarships to graduating high school students from the Western Slope of El Dorado County. The Foundation has its own Board of Directors who are all members of the sponsoring Rotary Club and who serve on a volunteer basis without any form of compensation. This allows the Foundation to utilize one hundred percent of its funds for its designated projects without any reduction for administration costs or other expenses. Cameron Park Rotary Community Foundation Board of Directors

Rotary Rasmussen Vocational Endowment Fund
The Rotary Club of Cameron Park through the Foundation has undertaken the major project of establishing a permanent Endowment Fund to assist young people in our community to develop career skills. The earnings of this Endowment Fund will be utilized to provide educational and vocational grants.
Particular emphasis will be placed on Community College and Trade School opportunities for career development. The Foundation hopes to receive gifts and bequests from members of the community to assist in creating this Fund. A member of the community has generously offered to match, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the first $100,000 raised by the Rotary Club and the Foundation. This is seen as an incredible opportunity for direct investment in the future of our community by helping local high school graduates become successful members of the local economy.
Student applications are now being accepted.
The application form is available here and from the download options under the "About Us" tab on the Home page.

Rotary Club Community Projects
For over Fifty years, the Cameron Park Rotary has given 100% in effort and funding community projects:
  * Yearly scholarships for local students.
  * Building the Observatory at Folsom Lake College, Placerville Campus
  * Building of Rasmussen Park athletic fields.
  * Shingle Springs Community Center soccer and little league park.
  * The Gazebo at Cameron Park Lake
  * The restrooms at Christa McAuliffe Park
  * Highway 50 beautification at Cameron Park Drive and Cambridge Road
  * Many other projects in the Community 
School Future
Granting money to students in our community will help educate them in; Auto Repair, Police, Fireman, Beautician, Chef, Electrician, Heating and Air Conditioning, Light Rail Operator, Child Care Professionals, IT/Computer Technicians, Truck Drivers, Train Engineers, etc. Consider how these jobs come into your life every day.
In supporting the infrastructure of our community, we change and grow the future of our local economy.
Help by investing in the Rotary Educational Endowment Fund.